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Welcome to Idomeneo Enterprises

Congratulations. You have accomplished what few others dared to do you run a successful business. But there are many hats to wear – and now you find you are taking valuable time from sales and product development trying to hire, pay, manage, motivate and guide your staff.

Employment laws are ever more complex, requirements ever more time intensive. How can you manage the day to day employment requirements? Where do you turn for expert guidance on the people issues? How can you be sure you are competitive in the market?

And, how can you do it all and still save money?

Idomeneo Enterprises is the answer. There is an Idomeneo service for your every need.


California Amends Paid Sick Leave Law

California’s new sick leave law (Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014) was just amended to clarify some points, and revise others.  The law was signed on July 13, 2015, and took effect immediately. What …

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Did Your ‘To Do’ List Include Voting Today?

This won’t be a long speech about each citizen’s obligation to participate…. Just an information primer.  While this posting is targeted for Los Angeles denizens, your local County Register’s website contains similar information. BTW: Vote …

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California Sick Leave Law

Updated 12/05/14 Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014.  While the sick leave requirement is effective July 1, 2015, there are additional employer requirements, effective January 1.  An overview of …

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“…we chose to outsource all of our traditional HR functions to Idomeneo. We have been more than thrilled with this decision ever since. Their highly experienced and knowledgeable staff have consistently provided exceptional service to our company and our employees. Unlike other service providers, we do not work with a series of faceless rotating specialists. Instead, we have real people who have been with us from the start, and are very much a part of our team and culture. I have a myriad of things to worry about in running the company, and I am very happy to say that our human resource operations is not one of those things thanks to Idomeneo.”

“…They provide timely, relevant, and practical advice and briefings on how to proceed with the specific labor relations issues, they helped create internal HR documents including the employee handbook, performance evaluations and new hire packages, they keep our personnel records in compliance, they provide coaching and training, and they assist with payroll and benefit administration. In short they provide HR management services that allow us to do what we do best which is to focus on our mission.”

“Vicky Brown has an excellent company. She is very service oriented. I have multiple companies with close to 100 employees that Vicky and her staff oversee. I completely trust her decisions, her advice, and her recommendations for strategic partners. I highly recommend Idomeneo as the best Human Resource Company in the USA! (and beyond!)”

“The team at Idomeneo are terrific business partners. They provide invaluable knowledge and support on HR related issues.”

“[Our business partner] has established a strong and consistent relationship with all of our managers.

This has helped immensely with bringing consistency to our company HR policies and also assistance to our staff [which is] an important part of our company’s plan to allow it to grow, be stable, and allow all of us to work as proactively as possible for the company’s future.”

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