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Do you have a position you need to fill? You may find you have limited options.

You can try to handle the staffing responsibilities yourself. Write a job description, figure out where to post it, wade through the thousands of resumes, meet with all the candidates, and finally after weeks of being taken away from your primary duties – select someone and hope for the best.

You may elect to use an agency. They will handle the administration for you, but they will also charge you a hefty percentage (up to 1/3 the annual salary). Is it cost effective for you to spend up to $20K on each $60K position?

Or, you can hire a recruiter on staff. They will also take care of the process administration and selection of the candidate. But, you will have the cost of their salary and overhead; no matter if you have 20, or 1, or 0 jobs for them to work on.

There is an alternative – Idomeneo Enterprises will provide you with the convenience and personalized service of an in-house recruiter. But the only cost to you is on a per-job basis. No overhead, no on-going costs, and at a fraction of agency fees.

You will receive comprehensive staffing services – we will

  • write the job description
  • identify critical position competencies
  • post the job
  • screen the resumes
  • conduct the candidate interviews
  • provide you with a manageable number of highly qualified candidates
  • conduct background and reference checks.

We can also train your staff. Do your managers know which questions to ask (and which questions they are not allowed to ask)? What about Exit Interviews, Succession Planning? We will address all your staffing needs.

Strategy Planning

Corporate Mission Development
The mission of an organization is at the core of its existence and is the starting point of strategic planning. Defining and communicating the organization’s mission requires focus, open dialogue and may involve any number of constituencies. Idomeneo Enterprises facilitates the development of your corporate mission and vision statements; and will quantify your mission as divisional objectives.

Workforce Planning
Idomeneo Enterprises assists your management team in determining immediate and future workforce needs. Do you have enough staff to manufacture and deliver your product and service your clients? Do you have the in-house talent to meet the organization’s demands? What competencies will you need on board to accomplish future goals? Can you develop those competencies in current staff, or will you need to look outside the organization?

Idomeneo Enterprises will review your organization’s objectives, analyze the company’s talent pool and provide a Strategic Workforce Plan.

Compensation Design

It’s 2:30 on an exceptionally hectic Monday, you have a 4:00 presentation with an important prospect, your IT person thinks the web site might be down for the next two days and your Office Manager just poked his head in the door and said he needs to speak with you. He has been talking to some friends and they tell him the job he is doing pays $10,000 more at other companies – he wants a raise. What are you going to do, how are you going to respond? He is the backbone of office – but $10,000 more in salary! Is that really the going rate?

Determining the salary level of a job involves many factors; job responsibilities, market rates, value of the position to your company, other salaries in your organization, and your overall ideas about compensation. It isn’t possible to evaluate all those factors on the spot. So what do you do when a valued employee asks for a heady raise? The answer: prepare before the situation arises.

Idomeneo’s compensation planning gives you the tools to respond to raise requests, plan budgets and win new talent for your organization.

  • Salary Ranges
  • Position Compensation Evaluation
  • Bonus Programs
  • Variable Pay Systems
  • Options Programs
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Compensation Planning and Development

We will design and maintain a compensation strategy compatible with your business and budget objectives.

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