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HR Assessment

Employment law is complex, and a source of significant exposure for your organization.   Idomeneo Enterprises will conduct a thorough analysis of your organization’s current human resources compliance status, and recommend cost effective solutions.

But we won’t stop there. We don’t just identify the problem, we give you the fix – whether you need a current employment application, a policy handbook, a background checking company or a process for tracking vacation and sick leave, we will provide you with the documents and procedures to bring your organization to compliance.

This in depth analysis covers over 500 data points in the critical areas of labor law, benefits, compensation, employee relations, staffing, data management, payroll administration and training/development.

All solution documents are personalized on your letterhead and delivered in hard copy format as well as on media. You have the freedom to distribute information to your employees in written, eMail or intranet/internet format.

IDO On Call

For those everyday HR issues: the Receptionist wants a raise, is her salary competitive; the Office Manager has been out sick for 2 weeks, how can you get her back to work; the IT Administrator is in the National Guard, what does that mean for your company; do you have to give everyone break time; someone was just injured on the job, what happens next. Everyday issues that may not quite rise to the level of working with your labor attorney, but you need answers – where can you turn?

Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. You now have access to human resources expertise at your fingertips. Unlimited HR consultation time, you can take advantage of as little or as much usage as you require. We are there for you, when you need us, for quick questions or detailed research, whatever is required to resolve your problem. Get the answers and expert HR support you need – all for $300 per month. No additional or hidden fees.

  • Unlimited consultation on any HR issue, large or small
  • An updated Employee Handbook
  • Annual Handbook Labor Law review
  • Labor Law compliance updates
  • Access to the Idomeneo HR Library
  • Current labor law compliant Posters
  • Reduced rate on other Idomeneo services

IDO Gateway

We understand – you’re a fast growth start up; and as the team grows, you need to make sure you are covering your bases, and doing what is necessary. You need help – someone to guide you through the maze of employment laws, and help you decipher the critical from the important.

You need to solve this issue as quickly as possible, without a big impact to your budget. And you don’t have the time to wade through endless web searches, trying to figure out what applies to your company, and what doesn’t.

That’s where we can help.

Do we have an online library that allows you to find all the HR forms you need – absolutely. Will we tell you when something has changed that might impact your company – of course.

But beyond that – you will work with your own, dedicated HR Business Partner. One person, for all your questions. We just don’t believe a call center or automated web portal can understand your company’s unique personality, and needs. So, when you have a question – give us a call. And if you find you need more than 12 hours of consultation this year – we will offer our congratulations on your success – and talk about ways we can provide additional support.

What does it cost? $125 per month. When can you start? Right now – give us a call.

  • Dedicated HR Business Partner
  • Labor Law compliance updates
  • Access to the Idomeneo HR Library

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