Tis The Season…

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Tis the season to take a moment and celebrate with your team.  But, if you have a holiday celebration, onsite or offsite, dinner, cocktails or lunch – here are some tips to keep in mind.
If you elect to provide alcohol, remember the company may be held legally liable for the behavior of attendees who drank at a company-sponsored event.  Driving isn’t the only danger – inappropriate behavior, offensive language, harassment – all can be unhappy byproducts of ‘a little buzz’.  Inappropriate touching, ethnic or sexual humor, managers forgetting they are representatives of the company – the list of dangerous areas is long.
To ensure you are on safe ground:

  • if you provide alcohol, limit the amount, provide food, be sure there are designated members of management to deal with unruly behavior, provide taxi or other transportation services the will keep any drunk drivers off the road
  • remind attendees (managers in particular) that although this is a company sponsored, fun event, all company policies are in effect and everyone is expected to behave in a manner that represents the company in the best possible light

And remember, the goal is for the company to say thank you to everyone and celebrate all the hard work accomplished throughout the year.  No one wants a legal issue to cloud an otherwise joyous occasion –so have fun, and be safe.

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