Tips for Your 2020 Human Resource Plan

2020 is Just Around the Corner! Many of us are busy making resolutions, ready to make personal and professional changes that will move us forward. If you’re a C-level executive, the pressure is especially high: the time to start business planning 2020 is now! Try not to let the new

The New 2020 W4 Form Is Here

The new 2020 W4 tax form is here. Are you ready?

The New 2020 W4 Form Is Here There has been a lot of discussion about the release of a new W4 – well, it’s here. The new 2020 W4 was released on December 5, 2019, and there are several changes. Why a New 2020 W4? Use of the old W4,

California Is Serious About Health Care

CA healthcare 2020

The Federal individual healthcare mandate may have been scuttled, but the individual mandate is alive and well in California. Effective January 1st, the state joins Mass, New Jersey, DC and Vermont in establishing state-level penalties for those who do not have medical insurance. What do you and your employees need

New Year – New Tax Notices!

New Year – New Tax Notices! Happy 2019! New Year – new notices! I’m sure you know that W2’s must be distributed to your employees no later than January 31st. But, did you know there is another required notice, with the same month end deadline? The Earned Income Tax Notice

Minimum Wage Changes – Are You Ready?

The minimum wage is changing, are you ready? Year-end is upon us, and that means that 2019 is ever closer.  New year, new minimum wage. The state of California, among numerous states, cities and counties, will raise their minimum wage rate in January. A quick overview follows: Location If you

Major CA Upset In Independent Contractor Rules

05/08/18 CA Supremes Upset Independent Contractor Guidelines Are you thinking that the great graphic designer you just found will be an Independent Contractor with your company? Think again. We’ve all heard of them, companies that have few, or no employees at all – they only use independent contractors.  The thinking